Cassie Stephens

Hi there! My name is Cassie. I’m, as I like to say, an aspiring sketch artist. Its also likely I’m currently lurking in a corner.

I started to draw passionately at age 12 and I’ve been following my dreams ever since. I mostly develop my style by admiring other artists, watching animated movies and TV shows, and (my personal favorite,) reading comic books and manga. In fact, I’m working toward being a graphic novelist!

I am a freelance artist, currently developing my own comic book, but I also do commissions. My various “styles” depend on what I’m drawing at that moment and the tone I want to come across in the picture. Please consider that when emailing me about a commission.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Don’t forget to check out my social media handles on my “About the Artist” page. Thanks!! -Cas